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Is it time to hire a digital marketer?

Apr 30, 2014

Many small Australian businesses started out as a one-man band, because getting started isn't easy. However small business often finds that all of their work time is spent doing the actual job, (whatever it might be) and finding time to do other tasks, like growing the customer base, is a wish - not a practicality.

When business takes off the owner just doesn't have time to do everything so they hire people to do some tasks - accounting; answering inbound calls; making appointments - but hiring a full time sales and marketing person just isn't practical.

So when is the time right to think about using a digital marketer?

Here are a few indicators.

Sales aren't happening

You know there is a market for your products or services, but you're just not getting enough leads. Or the leads that you are getting are not the ones you really want.

Things are just not being done

We know. You are working at ten jobs. You have to do the fixes that will keep your existing customers happy and there are some jobs that no matter what - just have to be done now.  But it's the end of the week and you look back and think what did I really achieve this week?

Really - Marketing?  I just don't understand it

Half - hearted efforts and little ads in the local newspaper are just ho-hum and it shows in the results.

You've recognised that marketing isn't one of your strengths.

But then, why should it be? You're skills and passions are aligned with the things you like doing.  Marketing might not be one of them.

Leads are duds.  You need better opportunities

Your current sales efforts aren't really working for you, but who do you turn to?  You can't turn away the opportunities that do come from your marketing efforts but you need better, higher value sales leads.

Previous efforts didn't work

Feeling like banging you're head against a brick wall?  So you gave a few strategies a go but had no success.  You may conclude that marketing really doesn't work so what's the point?

What is working anyway?

Who knows why you've suddenly had a change on the number of sales leads.  Why did they go up or down?  What was the source?  If you can't measure the results of your marketing efforts then how can you really manage them?.

If you could afford a sales person, you would

Hiring  a full time specialist would be great but whose got that sort of money?

Websites and Digital Marketing

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These days very few organisations use printed directories for their advertising, yet knowing how to effectively market your organisation with new advertising methods can be a long educational journey.  Why not use our expertise?


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We are specialists at creating artwork for golf clubs. Examples of projects we've produced include course layout maps, signs for billboards and posters as well as flyers for events and mailbox distribution.

Flyers, Mailouts and other stuff

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We help people by producing marketing material for letterbox drops, flyers, advertisements and other sales collateral.