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Years of corporate sales and business development means we can assist you with any project.

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"Find something you like to do" they say, "and do it well". We do golf marketing REALLY well.

Contract completed

Aug 21, 2013
Twelve month business development contract completed in August

Working for a high bandwidth fibre optic data network company, Beachweb was contracted to build relationships and identify sales opportunities in Victoria's academic and research industries. 

During the 12 month contract, we developed sales collateral for the company, including:

  • product flyers
  • powerpoint presentation templates
  • presentations tailored to individual prospects, and
  • news items for the company website

 We initiated a relationship with a major wholesale supplier and created pricing models for the company's IP data network.

During this time we also established close relationships with key industry organisations, major research institutions and the CIO's of many of Victoria's health networks.

Beachweb was instrumental in the connection of a rural tertiary education provider to the company's private IP data network, using cost effective Gb fibre optic connections from the customer's major campus, to some smaller campuses.

Just prior to Beachweb's contract ending, proposals had been delivered to two of Victoria's rural healthcare networks and these were very likely to proceed.

Feedback from one of the company's shareholders was "This is absolutely fantastic. So much progress in such a short time;......these sort of things are exactly what we’re trying to achieve.  We wish you all the best, and look forward to our paths crossing in the future."

Websites and Digital Marketing

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These days very few organisations use printed directories for their advertising, yet knowing how to effectively market your organisation with new advertising methods can be a long educational journey.  Why not use our expertise?


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We are specialists at creating artwork for golf clubs. Examples of projects we've produced include course layout maps, signs for billboards and posters as well as flyers for events and mailbox distribution.

Flyers, Mailouts and other stuff

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We help people by producing marketing material for letterbox drops, flyers, advertisements and other sales collateral.